About us

We are a team of experts in technological solutions development, located in Popayán City, in Colombia. We have seven (7) years of experience in the market, offering Software development services aimed at the business sector with a focus on Outsourcing in operational capacity, customized development to web and mobile applications and implementation of eCommerce stores for micro, small and medium business.

The day to day

Our Mission

SUNSET SOFTWARE HOUSE S.A.S is a software company committed to the quality and best practices of Software Engineering, focused on accompanying and solving our customers’ needs, both in specific stages of development and in complete and customized solutions, always seeking to offer the best cost-benefit. Likewise, it is a job generating company for professionals and knowledge for the progress of Colombia.

Where are we going

Our Vision

To be recognized nationally and internationally as one of the best companies specialized in the development of customized solutions and the technological ally of software development companies to support their operational capacity.

Fulfilling one to one

Our corporate values


The client and our human talent as a person and human being are the most important above all. We attach great importance to the treatment of people and we always motivate the search for the ideal solution to the customer's need, focusing on a satisfaction for the customer in cost-benefit, having as a corporate flag “ethics and honesty”.



We establish appropriate channels of communication between our teams working with each other and with our customers. We ``put ourselves in the shoes`` of them to understand their business, their projects, their needs and their ideas.


For us, intelligence goes beyond a definition whose term can represent mental capacity and ability to solve situations. We leave to the customer service all our essence as a company to carry out our projects and commitments. Giving fulfillment, being laborious, recursive and always making available one hundred percent of our talent and knowledge at the service of others.


Our customers can be sure that their projects, their information and their business ideas will always be handled in a confidential manner.